Chris Granger's Golf Tips

Staying Centered

As we all know, the golf swing can be very technical. Because the swing happens in less that 1 second we want to have the least chaotic model to swing the club. Therefore, as the club goes back on the backswing we want your weight to stay on your front foot. We want you to keep your weight forward and tilting your spine to the left to produce a stable shoulder turn. This will allow you to transfer your weight on the downswing to your left side to hit the ball first and then the ground.


We all know how important Chipping is in the game of golf. By definition - A Chip shot is a low shot that rolls further than it flies. This shot is just like a putting stroke really with no lower body movement. The shoulders and the arms control the golf club face position. Using different clubs throughout our bag can control the distance.

 Shot of chipping when swinging your club back
 Shot of chipping when making contact with golf ball
 Shot of chipping through ball when finishing your stroke